No Nigerian Artist Makes Money Than Me From Their Music – Brymo

Controversial Nigerian singer, Brymo, who was dragged to court by his former Record label, Chocolate City, for not honoring their
contract, talked about why his album names is
too ‘raw’ and why he prefers Asa to Bez in a
new interview.

He also made an outrageous claim in his
interview, that he makes more money from his
music than any other Nigerian musician. Here’s what he said when he was asked “If you’re not doing mainstream music, people assume you are not making money, Is that true?”

“Who are the musicians making money? What
records are they selling? Where are the sold
out gigs? The tours that they are making money from? I make music, and since 2013 my management can account for the business side of everything, and I believe they’re happy.

“We’ve been gigging, I’m sure my manager will
argue nobody gigs as much as Brymo in 2016,
believe me. I’m not talking free shows. And
I’m more than grateful that in an Industry where I was kicked out, I can still work and
still earn, and that’s like the most important

“I can tell you, without any doubt in my mind that there are no musicians in Nigeria currently in 2017, making money off their music as much as Brymo” he replied.

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